Reaction to San Francisco Screening

What an amazing film. It was my story. I was nearly killed 7 years ago in a robbery by 4 guys on the street, one of whom was most responsible and got the biggest rap, attempted murder. I spent four years trying to find a way to meet him when I finally met Rochelle Edwards who started things moving. After a year and a half of preparation by VOD facilitator Jack Dison, I met Raymond in Folsom (the first VOD in Folsom) last August and found that the connection I have been feeling with him was not just my imagination. Our first act, after 7 years when the first was his kicking my head until they thought I was dead and I was in a coma for three days they didn’t know I’d wake from, was to embrace. I shared with him my PTSD stuff of feeling disconnected. He shared, when he’s out, he’d like us both to speak and write together, then added, “Maybe I’ll be your healing.” Forgiving is healing both. He’s out now!
and we’re trying to get permission to connect. Keep us in your thoughts as we try to do this. Thanks for making what I’ve done seem not so unusual.
Love, Tom

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